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Customizable, flexible, and intuitive CRM to fit your organization

You can easily adapt the CRM to work for you. You can easily build and manage multiple sales pipelines and customize reports, all without needing a developer. So you can have more time to work with your clients and focus on the items to help your business grow. TIEIT is a robust, intuitive platform that is scalable, so it will be with you at every step of your journey as you grow and win more deals.

Breakdown silos. Seamlessly organize all your data in one super-app

Eliminate the dreaded silos between your sales, marketing, billing, and customer service teams brought on by patching together solutions resulting in the duplication of efforts and leaving you struggling to get insights from the messy, unusable data. TIEIT is your super-app that introduces cohesiveness to your organization to improve customer experience, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Refreshingly easy to centralize your data

Making it possible to track all of your customer communication and personalize customer experience

You will feel relieved that any communication sent from or that comes into your email account will be synced into TIEIT, where they will be saved and automatically associated with each contact. Without you having to do anything. You can also save time by automatically logging sent emails all within one super-app.

You can be automatically notified when a lead/client opens or replies to an email, so you can follow up at the right time, nurturing your leads/clients/campaigns and keeping them engaged.

You can save lots of time by sending pre-optimized, inbuilt personalized email templates that autofill based on your contact’s information.

Eliminate the “leaky funnel” with prospects going cold and missed with automated email, personalized email sequences sent at just the right times to get them re-engaged.

You can log any contact or lead-related activities such as call notes, meetings, and more so you can keep track of interactions and ensure no client falls through the cracks and no deals are missed.

Instantly get the full picture with one click

You can get a full picture of every individual deal and an overview of all deals with a single click. You can easily close deals and manage clients by quickly accessing all the necessary information. View contact details, understand the progress of your deals, and prospects, and be confident with the next steps.

Deliver personalized customer experiences through segmentation

You can seamlessly create targeted lists for personalized communication by filtering contacts based on various criteria. Quickly segment your clients based on demographics and customer interactions and start personalizing your marketing message. You can do more to uncover the potential of these segmented lists since TIEIT also has a powerful marketing suite.

Win back time

Automate your sales processes and boost sales in less time.

Focus on the bigger picture and save your already scarce time by automating repetitive and mundane tasks, such as gathering customer information into spreadsheets and sending emails to set up sales calls, allowing you to close more deals. The platform is built to save you time so you can focus on growing.

Increase productivity and efficiency by automatically assigning leads to your team, automating follow-up activities, and getting notified when your email is opened. Simplify data collection and analysis, automate lead nurturing and streamline the scheduling of meetings. You can even plan, execute and automate personalized campaigns and so much more from one intuitive platform.

Centralized end-to-end sales management

1. Manage Leads

Easily capture leads from where your prospects are using TIEIT forms embedded on your website or create leads by parsing emails. Automatically create deals with the individualized sales process based on the lead source and quickly send a personalized email as soon as a lead submits an inquiry.

2. Manage Deals

You can customize your sales pipeline and automate manual processes such as sending emails/SMS, creating follow-up activities, grouping prospects and adding and removing them from segmented mailing lists based on the sales stage.

3. Manage Post-sales

You can manage all your post-sale activities in one place. Utilize TIEIT’s powerful and customizable billing platform to ensure payments are up to date. Kick off post-sale activities automatically to ensure your client is serviced without missing a beat, so there is a seamless transition between sales and your post-sales team.

Get actionable insights and grow

You can keep track of your team’s performance, pipelines and marketing in one place. You can easily gather, analyze and report on data in one central platform to make business-critical decisions. No more importing and exporting data from different applications.

  • Quickly uncover hidden insights with customizable dashboards. Easily create custom dashboards that improve visibility. You will find it a breeze to gain instant insights into deal progress, sales figures, team performance, and much more. Find ways to cross and upsell to existing customers with access to real-time data. Use customer data and insights to find new revenue opportunities and increase the lifetime value of customers.
  • Optimize your sales cycle and customer experience. Translate raw data from sales, key activities, marketing channels, and your billing cycle to derive actionable insights. Fine-tune your operations and processes based on feedback from customers. TIEIT makes it possible to unlock hidden opportunities at every step of the process.
  • Improve team performance. Track team member performance from an individual and team level to get a complete snapshot. Learn what part of your funnel needs improvement and know which team members require additional training.
  • Plan ahead by tracking activities. You can access all your team’s activities, stay on top of your overdue activities, track your team’s performance and ensure clients are not falling through the cracks, all from one place.

A true 360° view of clients

You can get a complete perspective of all your clients. You can easily keep track of client interactions such as emails, notes, files, invoices, payments and more.

Customizable to eliminate complexity and boost efficiency

Quickly create custom views based on team responsibility, so they have the information they need at their fingertips without getting overwhelmed.

Now my team actions tasks 3x faster instead of fiddling around inputting data into an unfriendly software and struggling to get the data they need.

An award-winning software.
Loved by customers.

Here’s what customers said when we asked them what changed for the better since switching to TIEIT.

Jamay Fishback

We needed help with virtually every aspect of the administration of our business. Everything from asking for our donations, collecting them, responding to inquiries, managing our client and donor databases, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for TIEIT, it does it all!

Mike Chiodo

I am an old “paper” guy. So I am a bit slow on switching to all electronic, but TIEIT made it easier than I thought it would be. All my leads go right into TIEIT, all my emails to any lead’s address are automatically tracked to that lead, the process of inputting canned responses and moving down the pipeline is very easy to get the hang of. All the online tutorials are easy to follow, and the Support Team is great. I am looking forward to becoming an expert at it!

Ted Moroz

At the Beer Store, we developed our own CRM system internally. However, when I saw TIEIT’s capabilities, I had to show them to my Team. TIEIT is more of an all-in-one business management, sales & marketing automation platform and is reasonably priced.

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  • Personalized Onboarding & Training
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  • Increase productivity by 58%

More features worth discovering

Web Forms

TIEIT’s powerful web forms module allows you to create easy-to-use forms for complex use cases with advanced features.

Import & Export

Import data quickly into your Donor CRM. Export data as CSV, Excel and PDF files.

Relationship tracking

You can quickly track complex relationships between records, so you know how contacts relate to each other.

Reduce duplicated efforts in data collection

You will not waste any more time manually entering data, and no need to import and export data between applications.


Never miss a meeting again! Use TIEIT’s built-in scheduling module to make it easy for clients to book time with you.

Dashboards and advanced reporting

Find hidden opportunities on donors, donations, team activities, marketing initiatives and more using powerful, visual and easy-to-use reporting and dashboards.

Eliminating your struggles with silos is less than a few minutes away.

Centralize your operations into one platform eliminating silos with a dedicated support team.
No third-party consultants and integrations required.

  • Organize all data from multiple channels into one central platform
  • Create custom segments for personalized outreach
  • Global search and advanced filters
  • Easy to use, robust and all-in-one intuitive platform
  • Uncover new sales opportunities
  • Visual dashboards and advanced reporting
  • Syncs with accounting software such as Quickbooks and Sage
  • Mail and calendar sync with Office 365, G-Suite, MS Exchange and more
  • Automate follow-up activities, email engagement and more
  • Dedicated support
  • So much more!

See how TIEIT helps you scale by meeting your unique needs.

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