Data management platform for Economic Development

Increase investments and tax revenue while supporting small businesses.

Get everything you need to empower your small team to do big things.

Client engagement

Spend more time working with clients and less time on admin.

Easy-to-use, customizable and intuitive CRM for Economic Development Teams.
Have more time to support your clients and focus on tasks to increase investments in your city. TIEIT’s intuitive platform makes it easy for you to be more productive and track every engagement.


Let TIEIT be your virtual assistant with built-in automations.

Use advanced segmentation and conditional logic to target the right contact and send the perfect message at the right time. In minutes, build a workflow to manage automated nurturing campaigns, automated tasks for follow-ups, or a workflow to manage your multi-stage customer lifecycle. The possibilities are endless.

Powerful web forms

Create high-converting online intake forms. No coding skills required!

Quickly build beautiful conversion-ready forms without any technical help. The possibilities are endless, from simple contact forms, multi-step forms, conditional logic, and surveys to complex registration forms. All this is done with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Building and publishing forms have never been quicker, easier, and more fun.

Got 15 minutes? See how TIEIT maximizes team efficiency and impact. 

Happy Customers

We’re really pleased to have everything under one roof


Gain actionable insights with real-time reports.

Answer business questions quickly with TIEIT’s intuitive report builder. Analyze cross-departmental data. Measure the effectiveness of your team’s efforts. Gain valuable insights to grow your city, and increase engagement without the need for a data scientist degree.

Targeted communication

Increase engagement with targeted, timely messages.

Seamlessly create targeted lists for personalized communication by filtering contacts based on various criteria. Quickly segment your clients based on demographics and customer interactions and start personalizing your marketing message. You can do more to uncover the potential of these segmented lists since TIEIT also has a powerful marketing suite.

activity reports

Enhance team productivity with activity reports.

You can quickly get the pulse of your team’s productivity and performance by checking activity reports to see how the team is progressing and offer coaching and training for team members who may be falling behind.

Stay ahead of the competition by fostering a team environment where everyone is productive and on the same page, with advanced analytics to guide the way.

Unparalleled Support

We’re Here to Help

All the tools Organizations need to get the work done are backed by a support team dedicated to your team’s success.

  • Free Support
  • Personalized Onboarding & Training
  • Free weekly coaching webinars
  • Online Knowledge Base

TIEIT is customer-focused, offering the highest level of support in the industry.

Got 15 minutes? See how TIEIT maximizes team efficiency and impact.