Web Forms

Easily create forms to generate new leads, collect payments or donations, gather feedback and more

With TIEIT’s drag and drop form builder, anyone from your team can easily create forms to collect data from leads or customers without any coding experience. You can also integrate them with TIEIT’s business tools to further customize your workflow process or data collection.

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Key Features

Drag & Drop

Effortlessly create your forms by dragging and dropping question fields

Capture Custom Responses

Create your own questions as a text field, drop down, file upload and more with TIEIT’s custom fields feature.

Get Notified Instantly

Receive email notifications to know when a lead or customer submits a form.

Visually View Your Data

Make reporting easier by viewing your form responses as pie or bar graphs.

Key Features

Collect Payments & Donations

With the Stripe integration, you can create forms to collect single or recurring payments or donations for your organization.

Gather Customer Feedback With Surveys

Improve your products or services by creating customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT), customer effort score surveys (CES) and more.

Customize Your Forms

Customize your forms with built-in styling options like multiple pages, donation goal progress bars, product mapping for invoices, button text and more.

Add Conditional Logic

Configure your form questions to hide or display questions based on your user’s response.

Save & Resume

Allow your contacts to save their form answers so they can securely access and complete the form later. 

Create Secure Forms

Add additional security features to secure saved responses on your form and to avoid spambot form responses. 

Permission Settings

Enable only specific members of your team to access the forms or share it with your entire team.

Enhance Your Website

Easily create embed codes to add TIEIT forms to your website or create pop-up forms.

Stay Connected With Your Customers With Automations

Never miss an opportunity to stay connected with your leads or customers again. Create automated email or text follow-ups and more with TIEIT’s automation tool.

Instantly Generate Invoices & Receipts

Automatically generate receipts or invoices with TIEIT’s donation form feature with Stripe integration.

Create Professional-Looking Landing Pages To Share Forms

Add your forms to TIEIT landing pages so you can easily share your forms.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate your payment or donation forms with Quickbooks Online and Stripe.

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Check out TIEIT’s Full List of Form Features

Form Builder Features

Donation Forms

Survey Forms

Visual Reporting & Form Submission Metrics

Form Submissions Export to Excel

Form Submission Confirmation Emails

Form Submission Website Redirect

Permission Settings

Conditional Logic

Save & Resume

Form Recurring Payments

Form Embed Code Creation

Self Hosted Form Links

Clone Existing Forms

Spambot Form Response Prevention (Honeypot)

Trigger Webhook


Form Notifications

Custom Fields – Drop downs, file uploads, multiple choiceand more

Button Text Customizations

Custom Submission Message

Custom Form Styling with CSS

Pop-up Forms

Donation Goal Progress Bars

Multiple Page Forms

Form Section Styling

TIEIT Business Tool & Third-Party Integrations

Landing Pages – Add your forms to TIEIT landing pages

Transactions – Automatically generate invoices or receipts with donation form submissions

Automations – Automate the next steps for your form submission

CRM – Easily view all form submissions and details on TIEIT’s CRM

Stripe Integration

Quickbooks Online Integration

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