Why You Should Use Marketing Automation for Your Business

With more businesses and consumers shifting online, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of digital capabilities like marketing automation. In fact, 75% of businesses use automation for their business due to its benefits. (Social Media Today “State of Marketing Automation”, 2019)

Explore why you should consider taking advantage of marketing automation below.

What can you automate? 

With marketing automation software such as TIEIT, you can automate a number of activities that can help you nurture leads, engage with customers and further promote your brand using TIEIT tools such as:

  • Email marketing to schedule and create customized email campaigns
  • Social media marketing to manage and schedule posts for all your social media accounts
  • Web forms and surveys that you can customize so you can better understand your audience
  • Scheduling to make it easier for your leads or customers to book meetings with you online
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to help you gain a better understanding of your leads and customers by viewing items such as last touch points and past communication
  • The landing page builder to help you convert more leads into customers
  • Transactions to help you send estimates and invoices online

Many of these tools can also be used to create custom workflows using TIEIT’s automation tool. With the automation tool, you can personalize your engagement with your leads and customers.

For example, you can set an initial trigger for an automation such as an email sent to your leads list and depending on the recipient behaviour with that email, you can schedule the next actions of the automation to take place. These actions could include sending another marketing email promoting your services or products one week after to those who did not engage with the email by filling out a web form or you can send an instant reminder to yourself to follow-up with leads once they have filled out this form.

By creating these workflows, you can ensure that no opportunities are missed as all the leads on your list are contacted. You will also save time by not having to manually keep track of the actions that take place — everything will be automated for you using the platform.

Final Thoughts

Marketing automation can be a great tool to help you promote and grow your business, save time and improve productivity using the right tools.

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