Webinar: TIEIT Founder Shares Insights and Tips on How to Bootstrap

Our Co-founder & Head of Growth, Jessica Rawlley, had a chance to be part of a Bootstrapping & Mental Health for Founders webinar hosted by YSpace.

YSpace is York University’s community innovation hub that supports high potential innovators to create a thriving network of ventures across all sectors. They help entrepreneurs, community members, and youth build and scale their sustainable and impactful businesses in the York Region.

Jessica shares her tips and knowledge on bootstrapping. She also shares her insights on how TIEIT bootstrapped, grew on a global scale and her experiences with mental health during her journey as a female founder in the technology world.

“Now, more than ever we need to be cognizant of our mental health and be diligent to take action to better ourselves when we aren’t feeling at our full capacity. Taking time off for yourself is not a weakness, it’s a strength to be able to take action to get yourself back to 100%, not only for yourself but for the people around you,” says Jessica Rawlley.

To watch the full webinar, click the button below.

Watch the Webinar

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