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Harmonize your data and have it sing. Cultivate deep connections.
Orchestrate a difference.
With a powerful CRM built especially for Nonprofits.

Finally! A fully integrated, easy-to-use, customizable platform helping you to stay organized, engage with your donors, turn supporters into sustaining donors and increase donations.

See how to turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters.


Build a fast-growing donor database and boost donations

You will love this refreshingly simple CRM with the power to market, engage and collect donations without the clunkiness and third-party integrations.

You will become more organized, gain more time, strengthen relationships, turn supporters into sustaining donors, and catapult donations with the TIEIT all-in-one agile platform.

Enhance clarity with all your donor details in one place

You can have all the client information and every interaction at your fingertips to continue to engage your clients and donors and cultivate deeper connections.

You will quickly find the exact information using global search and advanced filters.  You will have donor insights, real-time donation and engagement history, lifetime donor value, receipts, activities and more all in one place to quickly improve productivity.   

View important donor information in a flash

You will feel the robustness and ease of use that the TIEIT dashboard brings.  You will see the latest donor transactions, active cases, and activities with beautiful graphs and charts.  So you can empower your team to visualize your organizations health and find hidden opportunities. 

Create a custom field once and use it everywhere to gather the data you need

Unlike anything before, you will be able to track the donors the way you want by creating unlimited custom fields to collect data in the format you need. Add custom fields to your TIEIT CRM, donation forms, or surveys, and expand the amount of data you capture. So you can quickly boost donations.

Here are a few of the custom fields that will supercharge your nonprofit:

  • Checkbox
  • Multiple Choice
  • Dropdown
  • Lookup fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Radio, text, and paragraph fields

Quickly uncover insights about your donors.

You will get an in-depth understanding of your donors by viewing meaningful and actionable data to determine the likelihood to donate, keep track of your top-paying donors and build contact lists for specific fundraising campaigns. So you can better engage with your donors turning them into lifetime supporters.

Take the guesswork out…

Use data to better understand your donors and visualize hidden opportunities to catapult donations.

You will understand your donors better than ever by TIEIT showing you the significant graphical trends and day-to-day specifics. You can use the dashboard to overview fundraising progress, spot trends, discover new opportunities, and provide valuable insights on boosting donations and managing cases. You can monitor incoming donations as they happen, new and stagnant cases, YTD raised cumulative fundraising progress and loads more.

Gain time to build relationships by automating your processes.

You will be able to track, organize and build relationships effortlessly in one central donor database allowing you to invest more time engaging with your donors and spend less time on administration.

  • Follow-ups and Engagement. You can automatically follow-up activities for team members based on donor triggers and behaviours. So you will have more time to make a bigger impact on your cause.
  • Update donor details. You can save considerable time by automatically creating and updating your contact’s details in real-time with your TIEIT CRM.
  • Segmentation. You can organize your donors based on any criteria to improve insights and maximize donations.
  • Donor receipts. You will be able to automatically send email donation receipts to donors, thanking them and giving them a feeling of purpose.

Grow your mission by turning fans into sustaining donors

You can keep your fans engaged at every step and share your mission with branded email templates and personalized behavioural-based autoresponders. You can keep all your donors in the loop with minimal effort, from sending donation requests to information on fundraisers and events. You can use personalized email subject lines and customizable email templates to stand out from the inbox clutter so you can quickly turn fans into sustaining donors to keep your mission growing.

Empower donors with access to their own secure branded portal

You can empower your donors to manage their information and get the details they need from your branded donor portal.

You can allow your supporters to manage their contact details, view their donation history, modify their recurring donation settings, update their payment information, download tax receipts, and more.

Donor access gives your donors a sense of control and saves you time from following up with them to update contact information, expiring payment details, and resending receipts.

An award-winning software.
Loved by customers.

Here’s what customers said when we asked them what had changed for the better since switching to TIEIT.

Jamay Fishback

We needed help with virtually every aspect of the administration of our business. Everything from asking for our donations, collecting them, responding to inquiries, managing our client and donor databases, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for TIEIT, it does it all!

Denise Charron

I used to send community updates from one system, maintain member information in another, and manage social media on various platforms.  With TIEIT, I have all of this in one system, which has improved efficiency and impact.  And with the changes to the campaign functionality, it has been great – the drag-and-drop format has been very easy to use, even if I’ve not sent a newsletter for a little while.

Lucas Chang

I used to send community updates from one system, maintain member information in another, and manage social media on various platforms.  With TIEIT, I have all of this in one system, which has improved efficiency and impact.  And with the changes to the campaign functionality, it has been great – the drag-and-drop format has been very easy to use, even if I’ve not sent a newsletter for a little while.

Discover effortless
customer support

All the tools Organizations need to get the work done are backed by a support team dedicated to your team’s success.

  • Personalized Onboarding & Training
  • Free Support
  • Free weekly coaching webinars
  • Increase productivity by 58%

More features worth discovering

Client and donor intake

TIEIT’s powerful web forms module allows you to create easy-to-use forms for complex use cases with advanced features.

Import & Export

Import data quickly into your Donor CRM. Export data as CSV, Excel and PDF files.

Relationship tracking

You can quickly track complex relationships between records, so you know how contacts relate to each other.

Reduce duplicated efforts in data collection

You will not waste any more time manually entering data, and no need to import and export data between applications.

Built-in donation collection

TIEIT manages to collect your donations, so you never need to import donation transaction information into TIEIT since it’s already there!

Dashboards and advanced reporting

Find hidden opportunities on donors, donations, team activities, marketing initiatives and more using powerful, visual and easy-to-use reporting and dashboards.

Centralizing your operations into one intuitive platform is less than a few minutes away.

Centralize your operations into one platform with a dedicated support team at your back.
No coding skills required.

  • Donor tracking and management
  • Global search and advanced filters
  • Easy to use, robust and all-in-one intuitive platform
  • Visual dashboards and advanced reporting
  • Syncs with accounting software such as Quickbooks and Sage
  • Mail and calendar sync with Office 365, G-Suite, MS Exchange and more
  • Automate follow-up activities, email engagement and more
  • Automate donor receipts
  • Secure branded donor portal
  • Dedicated support
  • So much more!

See how TIEIT helps you turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll know if TIEIT is right for your organization.

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