New Feature: Source Triggered Automations and Advanced Merge Tags

One of the best things about being a TieiT user is that you are listened to. TieiT was built off of client feedback and so we are continually rolling out new features based on user input. Our TieiT users are an important part of our development process.

So, when we heard that our clients wanted more automations based on certain triggers and more merge tags to show more details of their next activities on the Activities Dashboard, we heard you loud and clear!

I have outlined below the next set of features that we have launched in TieiT.

Automated Source Feature

Automated Actions Based on Source

Now when a new Lead comes in from a particular Source, TieiT can automatically perform a variety of actions for you:

1. Create a Deal under that new Lead;

2. Assign a particular Pipeline to that Deal;

3. Assign that Deal to a particular person on your team.

You can set up and customize your TieiT account so you can specify which Pipeline gets associated to a Lead depending on the Source.

Source Filter

Filter by Custom Sources

The ability to filter by a custom Source is now available. From your Contact Details page, you can now use the filtering options to filter by a particular Source to view your Contacts.

If you are not sure how to add a new Custom Source, make sure to look at the image above on how to access your Source List to add a new Source.

Merge Tags

Advanced Merge Tags

We added more Merge Tag options for you to dynamically add content to your emails to make them more personalized. Merge Tags are placed throughout an email and TieiT replaces those tags with the actual value when the email is sent. Merge Tags personalizes your emails by placing relevant information related to your recipient.

However, lets say you don’t have all the values completed for each Contact. This is why we took it a step further and added what we call a “Fallback Term” option which allows you to create a generic word that will be used if the original tag that you selected is not available in your Contact’s information.

For example, if you use the “first name” merge tag to allow you to address your recipients by their first name; but for some of your Contacts you may not have their first name saved in the CRM. Welll you could select the word “there” as the Fallback Term so for anyone who does not have a first name saved in your CRM, their email will appear as “Hi there,”.

Merge Tags in Deal Pipelines (Coming soon!)

When we heard that some of our users were struggling with how the details of the Activities were being displayed in their Calendar and Activities Dashboard, we knew we had to do something about it.

Our automated Pipeline feature was automatically creating activities based on the Pipeline you chose to assign to a Deal. Initially, we didn’t add the feature for the system to pre-populate the name because the subject line of an Activity is an area that you can manually set so to avoid data redundancy, we didn’t implement that.

But after hearing our users feedback and in order to provide more flexibility, we are adding the ability to use Merge Tags within a Pipeline so now the content in the subject line can be dynamic and pull the relevant contact information that you wish to view.

For example, if your initial Activity in Stage 1 of your Pipeline is a Call, you can now modify the subject in your Pipeline, utilizing the merge tags to add “Call with {{full_name}} @ {{phone}}”. So now the Call title will appear as: “Call with John Doe @ 555-123-4567” on your Calendar and Activities Dashboard.

And don’t worry, we also heard you loud and clear about modifying the Activities Dashboard – stay tuned for a more updated design of the Activities Dashboard and Calendar.

These new TieiT features are only going to help with making your day more efficient and automated so you can keep focusing on driving in new leads and closing more deals.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

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