New Features: Landing Page Builder

We’re excited to announce TIEIT’s updated landing page builder!

We’ve made it even easier for our TIEIT users to create  professional-looking landing pages. Users can create landing pages without any IT or graphic design experience – you can simply drag and drop landing page elements or use one of the premade templates on the landing page builder tool.

Here are some new features that we’ve added to TIEIT’s landing page builder.

New Widgets

You can now use widgets to add videos, maps, navigation bars, forms and more!

Built-In Blocks 

You can now easily drag and drop elements to customize your landing page.

Editing Toolbar & The Style Manager

You’ll now be able to quickly format your text by being able to edit text formats, text colours, create bulleted list and more.

Landing Page Previews

You can now preview what your landing page will look like on a mobile device, tablet and desktop.

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