New Feature: Two-Way Email Sync

In case you haven’t heard, TieiT now offers 2-way email integration, which allows you to send emails from TieiT AND get replies logged automatically in a Contact’s timeline. TieiT will also log any emails that appear in your Sent folder, even if it was sent from outside of TieiT or your mobile device.

Whether you want to connect your email account with TieiT via SMTP/IMAP or through our Google email sync, you will be able to send emails out of TieiT and those same emails will also appear in the Sent folder of your email account.

Or if you prefer to continue using your email client like Outlook, Apple Mail or Gmail, no problem!

Two Way Email Sync

Now, when sending emails through your current email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail), there’s no need to BCC your TieiT email address. The email thread will automatically appear in the timeline for any Contact that you have in TieiT.

TieiT also has a general Inbox and Sent Box built in, so all of your emails will also be logged there as well for easy search and access.

TieiT’s 2-way email sync is making it easy for our users to track all communication between leads and contacts.

Now we have also added additional preference options so if you don’t wish for your recipient’s replies to come into TieiT, you can turn off the IMAP connection which will only sync your sent emails.

By utilizing TieiT’s 2-way email sync, our users don’t have to worry about their emails hitting the recipients spam folder because TieiT integrates directly with either Google mail or your other mailbox via SMTP and IMAP.

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