New Feature: Built-in Support Module

Following months of careful planning, the new TIEIT Support module is LIVE!

Expanding upon the strengths of our already incredible support team, we now offer TIEIT Support 2.0, which is super charged with tremendous visibility, functionality and responsiveness.

Now our users gain the ability to maintain control of their support experience from within their TIEIT account.

Accessed by logging directly into your TIEIT Account, you have a 360° view of all your support cases – open, pending and closed. Users can create support tickets, add attachments and screenshots, view the progress of their active and pending tickets for not only their tickets, but also their team member’s tickets…all within TIEIT!

Simply by logging in you can create a support ticket, provide a description, add a screen shot and/or attachment. Even more you can copy another person on your ticket; they can make comments and be apart of the ongoing discussion for the life of the ticket.

With the new support portal, you’ll continue to experience outstanding customer service – PLUS, an easy to use interface to manage it all!

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