TIEIT Integrations for Non-Profits

Interested in learning how TIEIT can help your non-profit organization or charity grow?

Check out TIEIT’s other fundraising tools.

Donation Forms

Discover how TIEIT can help you raise more funds, issue donation receipts and more with TIEIT’s donation forms tool.

Donation Reporting

View the progress of all your fundraising campaigns by creating custom reports.

Discover how you can share information about your cause and raise more funds with TIEIT’s email campaign tool.

Create professional-looking landing pages to share information about your cause, share donation forms and more with your donors.

Social Media

Increase awareness of your fundraising campaigns and cause with TIEIT’s social media tool. Create, share and view posts for all your social media accounts on the TIEIT social media dashboard.

Text Message Donation/Fundraising

Stay connected with your donors and raise more funds with TIEIT’s text messaging tool.

Donation Campaigns Page

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