How Marketing Automation Can Save You Time

What is Marketing Automation?

Ever get tired of doing things manually?

Managing your business can be a handful, handling everything on your own can take time. That’s what Marketing Automation is for; time is precious when handling a business. Marketing Automation is the use of a software to help with marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management, all these are very valuable for your business and will be easier to manage with automation.

The Marketing industry is evolving and customer demands and informational needs have grown. Marketing automation will make your contact management system and email marketing easier by tracking lead behavior and performing a series of predetermined actions depending on that leads activity.

Marketing automation makes it possible for your business to be discovered by and engage with your target audience more than ever, without doing so much manual work.

How Does Marketing Automation Save You Time?

Automate your leads with marketing automation as it will help you turn your leads into customers. You can do this through automated segmentation that helps you organize your leads into categories. With those categories you can target them with relevant messages that would best get their attention. Create personalized email messages for customers and track actionable data such as opens, clicks or unsubscribes.

Chasing leads can be very difficult because you have to approach at the right time. You don’t want to attempt a sales conversation before they are ready because it causes them to resist. Having automated emails be sent out on your behalf allows you to stay on top of leads without missing any opportunities. You can miss opportunities when you engage in a sales conversation at the wrong time.

When they are not ready to purchase your product.   Now we know that you will or have spent a lot of time on leads that are not going to buy your product or service. With marketing automation, the leads can have access to all the information about your business. You can track the content they are downloading and note that they are not reaching the final purchase stage so you don’t waste your time on a pitch that will lead you nowhere.

Social Media Marketing has become a key element to any business, any size and any industry. However, engaging with your audience, posting relevant content and staying consistent is not easy. This is why we created a scheduling base Social Media Marketing module in TieiT which allows you to post content on social media accounts every couple of hours automatically by following a schedule that you have already pre-set. This will give your various social media accounts more visibility, while at the same time allowing you to be more efficient.

Marketing Automation is a very efficient tool that businesses need to succeed. When properly implemented, marketing automation can save you time and help you close more deals and close them faster.

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