Are you still using multiple applications for your business?

TIEIT is an all-in-one platform that has all the essential business tools built-in from scratch.

We carefully engineered each module to work with each other to give you more data insights and team collaboration.

Don’t waste time trying to connect different applications together when there’s a more efficient way to do it, with TIEIT.


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What makes TIEIT unique?

Built-in Modules

All the modules in TieiT have been built from scratch. This eliminates the need for third party integrations and piecing together different systems. You no longer have to sign up and learn how to use different applications to manage your business.

Data Intelligence

We are in a data driven world where insights are more crucial than ever to gain a competitive advantage. And yet businesses still have data spread across different systems. TieiT brings all your business data and insights in one powerful system.


Automate those manual tasks that are taking you away from your core business. Automate follow-ups to increase conversion rates, manage events easily, auto-assign your team members to leads, put your accounting on auto-pilot and more.

Cutting Edge Technology

TieiT is redefining the way businesses manage their sales, marketing and billing processes. Other systems make users rely on API integrations and piecing systems together. You don’t have time for that – you need one application that does it all.

Saves Time

Put an end to managing different Excel spreadsheets and importing and exporting data and contacts in and out of different systems. Save time by performing all your sales, marketing and business processes in one system.

Team Collaboration

Unify your team in one system to increase collaboration. By having all your team in one system, you will gain better insights into performance, what efforts are producing results and how to perfect your processes to increase sales.

"We needed help with virtually every aspect of the administration of our business. Everything from asking for our donations, collecting them, responding to inquiries, managing our client and donor databases, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for TieiT, it does it all!"
Jamay Fishback, Executive Director
Career Gear
"I am an old “paper” guy. So I am a bit slow on making the switch to all electronic, but TieiT made it easier than I thought it would be. All my leads go right into TieiT, all my emails to any lead’s address are automatically tracked to that lead, the process of inputting canned responses and moving down the pipeline is very easy to get the hang of. All of the online tutorials are easy to follow and the Support Team is great. I am looking forward to becoming an expert at it!"
Mike Chiodo, President
Franchise 4 Success

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