Brilliant & Beautiful Surveys To Uncover Insights

with the TIEIT Survey Module

Uncover insights about Prospects, customers, employees and more.

Create engaging online surveys to capture customer feedback with TIEIT’s survey form builder. Gather answers and increase sales, retention rates and employee satisfaction.

A few key features

Easy Drag & Drop

Effortlessly create your surveys by dragging and dropping question fields.

Beautiful Visualization of your data

Make reporting easier by viewing your survey responses as pie or bar graphs.

Advanced Styling

Customize the style of your buttons, modify the sections of your survey and more!

 Conditional Logic

Configure your survey questions to hide or display questions based on your user’s response.

Show Your Survey Question Results

Enable the show results feature so users who fill out the survey can see the results of other responses.

Save & Resume

Allow your contacts to save their survey form answers so they can securely access and complete the survey.

Connect with Google and Outlook Mail and Calendar

Two-Way Email Sync

TIEIT connects directly with any email address through IMAP and SMTP, allowing all email communication with contacts to sync automatically into TIEIT.

Calendar Sync

Sync your Google or Outlook calendar with TIEIT and eliminate redundant manual entries. Keep your schedule synchronized.

Outlook Add-in

Increase productivity with our Outlook Integration. Now users can easily add/update Contacts and create Activities.

Get started with TIEIT

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