Social media management. Manage all your accounts from one place

with TIEIT’s Social Media Marketing and Management Dashboard

Manage all your social accounts from one place

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

TIEIT’s proprietary social media marketing module makes it easy to manage your personal and/or business’s social media accounts with the ability to post to all platforms at once.

Account-based schedules

Create different schedules for different profiles to share content daily, weekly or several times a day to reach your target audience.

One social dashboard

Take a better look at your content strategy by having a calendar view of past and upcoming posts. No more logging into multiple social media accounts.

Curate A Content Library For Automated Social Posts

Social Categories

Create categories to help you stay consistent with your content strategy. Categorize posts and use them for later.

RSS Feed connector

Easily pull content from your favorite sites into your content library to use as part of your content strategy.

TIEIT Social Chrome Extension

While browsing the web, easily add articles to your content library using our Chrome extension.

Analyze performance…from one place

Track engagement and key metrics like clicks, likes, shares, comments and retweets on your social posts that you’ve shared so you can see how your content is performing on all profiles.

Get started with TIEIT

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