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Raise more funds and increase donors for your non-profit or charity with the help of TIEIT’s donation module.

Make it easier for you and your team to organize donors, raise more funds and report on metrics.

Trusted by Hundreds of Businesses & Organizations of All Sizes

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Key Features

Easily Raise Money For Your Fundraising Initiatives

Create and share fundraising or donation forms through TIEIT’S email campaign module, social media, text messages and more!

Automatically Create and Send Secure Receipts

Send secure receipts with digital signatures to your recipients after they submit a fundraising or donation form.

Create Unlimited Forms That Map to Specific Fundraising or Donation Funds

Easily keep track of the fundraising or donation amounts raised by mapping them to your forms. You can map one or more fundraising or donation funds to your forms.

Sync with QuickBooks Online

Save time by integrating QuickBooks online to TIEIT. Sync the amount of donations, donors who submitted the form and their donation receipt information.

Report on the Metrics That Matter

Review metrics like the gross donation amounts, number of donors, amounts raised for a period of time and much more!

Easily Capture Attendees for Events

Create forms and landing pages to capture attendee information for all your fundraising events.

Collaborate with Your Team Members

Improve team collaboration and efficiency by assigning tasks to team members, adding donor notes and more!


Inspire New Donors

Take advantage of TIEIT’s social sharing feature to reach more donors through social media and email.

Save Time by Automating Your Donor Follow Ups

Easily automate your donor process for your fundraising campaigns by automating email, text messages and more!

Easily Thank Your Donors

Customize the emails that you send your donors after they submit donation forms.

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Check out TIEIT’s Full List of Donation Module Features

Donation Forms

Discover how TIEIT can help you raise more funds, issue donation receipts and more with TIEIT’s donation forms tool.

Donation Reporting

View the progress of all your fundraising campaigns by creating custom reports.

Discover how you can share information about your cause and raise more funds with TIEIT’s email campaign tool.

Create professional-looking landing pages to share information about your cause, share donation forms and more with your donors.

Social Media

Increase awareness of your fundraising campaigns and cause with TIEIT’s social media tool. Create, share and view posts for all your social media accounts on the TIEIT social media dashboard.

Text Message Donation/Fundraising

Stay connected with your donors and raise more funds with TIEIT’s text messaging tool.

Join other successful organizations who are enjoying the experience.

Interested in learning more?

Check out TIEIT’s Full List of Donation Module Features

Donation Module Features

Donation Forms with pre-defined amounts or custom amount options

Donation Reporting

Generate Automatic or Manual Donation/Fundraising  Receipts

Multilingual Donation Forms and Donation Receipts

Recurring Donation Options (Weekly, Monthly & Yearly)

Custom Internal Fields for Forms

Social Media Sharing

Text Message Donation/Fundraising Options

Donation Campaigns Page


Custom Reporting

Donation Form Notifications

Donation Custom Field Creation

Custom Submission Message

Custom Donation Form Styling with CSS

Form Section Styling

Goal Progress Bars

Custom Donation Buttons

TIEIT Business Tool & Third-Party Integrations

QuickBooks Online Integration

Stripe Integration

Landing Pages – Add your forms to TIEIT landing pages

Automations – Automate the next steps for your donation form submission

CRM – Easily view all  donation form submissions and details on TIEIT’s CRM

Campaigns & Social Media – Share your fundraising initiatives with your contacts through email or social media.