Donation Forms

Donation Forms

With TIEIT’s form creation tool, you can easily create forms to raise and keep track of funds for your fundraising campaigns. Features include:

  • Goal tracking such as fundraising goal progress bars
  • Fund mapping so you can easily keep track of donations made for a particular donation fund
  • Options to include images for your donation funds
  • Automatic donation receipt creation
  • QuickBooks Online integration.
  • Option to create multilingual forms with translation features

Donation Receipts

You can easily create donation receipts manually or automatically have them created when a donation form is submitted.Some features include:

  • Option to create a donation receipt portal for your non-profit or charity so donors can easily view all past receipts
  • Secure receipts with digital signatures
  • Ability to enter French translations for receipts
  • Ability to email receipts to donors from TIEIT
  • Ability to create manual receipts with TIEIT’s transaction tool

Recurring Donations

Make it easier for your donors to make recurring donations and easily keep track of recurring donors with TIEIT. Some features include:

  • The ability to add fields on the form that will allow donors to make a single donation or choose to make a recurring donation
  • Set recurring donations to weekly, monthly or yearly donations
  • Easily view and modify contacts’ recurring donations through TIEIT

Customizable Email Notifications

With TIEIT’s forms module, you will be able to:

  • Send email notifications to you and your team once donors submits a form
  • Create custom emails, such as thank you emails, once donors submit a form
  • Include TIEIT forms to automations so you can send a series of emails to donors who submit your form


With TIEIT’s donation form tool, you will easily be able to track metrics like submission rates, total amount of donations made and much more! You will also be able to:

  • Visually view results of donation form submissions as graphs
  • Export the submission details to Excel
  • View donor details such as emails sent, forms submitted etc. on TIEIT’s contact detail page
  • Create internal fields that will allow you and your team to keep better track of your submissions

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Donation Forms

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Social Media

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Text Message Donation/Fundraising

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