Customer Relationship Management

Automate your sales process

Customized Pipelines

Create an automated sales process to track stages and the progress of ongoing deals.

Lead & Source Automation

Our built-in lead automation features ensures 100% of your leads are automatically added to the CRM.

Deal Reporting

Deals are the brain child of your organization. Track deals and deal stages from the beginning to end and everywhere in between!

Manage your team more efficiently

Use TIEIT to keep you and your team on track. Manage activities, assign tasks and establish deadlines. Detailed customized reports make team management feel effortless.

Connect with Google and Outlook

Two Way Email Sync

TIEIT connects directly with any email address directly through IMAP and SMTP which allows all email communication with contacts to automatically sync in to TIEIT.

Calendar Sync

Sync your Google or Outlook calendar with TIEIT to make sure your schedule is synced across all platforms.

Outlook Add-in

Increase productivity with our Outlook Integration. Now users can easily add/update Contacts and create Activities.


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