Connecting your CRM and Marketing Automation is Best for Both Your Sales and Marketing

Having a connection between your CRM and marketing automation is a must for your business, especially if you are utilizing both of these systems. You have probably come to realize that both of these systems have become a huge part of your business.

The CRM should be the heart of your sales. A good CRM will manage your contacts, leads and past customers and give you an easy way to categorize or group them. Your CRM should also help you with tracking your lead sources, keeping a history of activities and providing reports on various factors such as last touch dates.

If your CRM is the heart of your sales, you can think of your marketing automation software as the arteries.

Your marketing automation software needs to be connected to your CRM in order to reach out to your leads and customers easily and more effectively.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to link your CRM with your marketing automation software:

1. Lead tracking becomes easier

When your CRM and marketing automation systems get connected, you will have more powerful ways to keep track of your leads and lead sources. By knowing the sources of where your leads are coming from, this allows you to better allocate your marketing efforts in the right places. If you are finding that not a lot of leads are coming through the landing page that you created for your PPC campaign, then you may want to re-think the campaign and put that time and marketing dollars to something that is generating leads.

2. No more confusion about ‘whose’ lead it is

Each team member can have their own interface that is connected with their own CRM that tracks their leads and contacts. You can automate your marketing so that leads from specific sources get assigned to a particular team member to manage. This way there won’t be any confusion as to whose lead or contact is whose because everything will be organized and streamlined properly after you connect your CRM and marketing automation system.

3. Never forget to follow-up

Marketing automation makes it easy to create an automation process that will allow you to follow-up with leads or contacts without you having to remember to do it. With your marketing automation system connected to your CRM, you can set an automation so that an email can be sent after a certain number of days or after a specific event or action is triggered. For example, if you haven’t been in contact with someone in 2 months, you can create an automation so that a personalized email will be sent to those contacts or leads in your CRM who you haven’t been in contact with after a certain period of time.

With most of our users of our application, being small business owners and/or entrepreneurs, they tend to have to wear multiple hats so this feature alone is very useful for them because they can’t always remember who they have and haven’t been in contact with.

4. Leads will automatically get put on the right sales pipeline

With your marketing automation and CRM connected, when new leads are added to your CRM, they will also be put into the right sales pipeline and in the right stage. When certain steps or actions are completed, that lead can continue to move along the right sales path and closer to closing the deal.

5. Better data

The more data you can accumulate for each lead or contact can help you close more deals and sales. Knowing where your lead came from, what page they clicked on to submit a form, what products/services they are interested in will only help your sales team. From a sales point of view, data and research is invaluable and with your CRM and marketing automation systems connected, you are only gathering more useful data to help in closing more deals.

Take this as a bonus 6th point as to why connecting your CRM and marketing automation system is worth it. But connecting both systems will also have a positive effect from your customers point of view. By streamlining the sales and marketing process, your customers will experience a more personalized and consistent experience when dealing with you and your team.

If you are currently using a CRM and have been for a while, we know that sometimes leaving your comfort zone can be scary. But if you look at the big picture, you will see that making the switch to a more integrated solution will be beneficial for your business and your customers in the long run.

With more accessible data, lead tracking and insightful information, you will be able to make better decisions when conducting your sales. Not to mention, the time saving aspect of the built-in automations that you will have access to that will not only streamline your sales and marketing but will also give your customers and leads a better overall experience with your business.

For more information on how TieiT can help you link your CRM and Marketing Automation process, click here to sign up for a demo or give me a call directly at 1-855-622-7776 ext. 102 – I would love to chat with you!

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