5 Tips to Writing a Really Good Cold Outreach Email

Tips to writing a good cold outreach email

Cold outreach, whether its cold calls or cold emails are one of the most difficult things to do. I think cold emailing is a little more difficult because you don’t receive any verbal feedback. A lot of the times, if the email isn’t good, the recipient will either delete it or unsubscribe without giving you […]

What Are The Best Days And Times To Send Emails?

What Are The Best Days And Times To Send Emails? This is often a question we get asked by many of our customers. It’s a great question! Sending emails at the right time can help increase your email open rates. While there is no specific day or time that will work for every business, there […]

Why You Should Use Marketing Automation for Your Business

With more businesses and consumers shifting online, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of digital capabilities like marketing automation. In fact, 75% of businesses use automation for their business due to its benefits. (Social Media Today “State of Marketing Automation”, 2019) Explore why you should consider taking advantage of marketing automation below. […]

5 Ways TIEIT Can Help Your Business In The Current Environment

These past few months have taught many of us the importance of flexibility and resilience. As businesses reopen, we will need to continue to pivot to be able to operate our businesses efficiently and stay connected with our customers. Here are five ways TIEIT’s tools can help your business adapt and grow in the current […]

9 Tips for Creating an Awesome Email Subject Line

Creating valuable content that is worth reading is hard work. But what’s even harder is creating a compelling subject line that will encourage readers to actually open your email to read the content that you spent time creating. Creating valuable content that is worth reading is hard work. But what’s even harder is creating a […]

How to Select the Best Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is all about the software. Before you get into selecting the right marketing automation software for your business, you should gain a good understanding of what marketing automation is so you can figure out what is required for your business. If you haven’t done so already, check out our article on What is […]

What is Marketing Automation?

You are hearing these words be spoken and written about everywhere you go, everywhere you click and every page you browse. You hear other businesses are implementing it and seeing great results. You find yourself nodding and smiling or listening intently to pick up on any catch phrase that will help you understand this growing […]

3 Ways to Re-Engage With Cold Prospects

Why are Cold Prospects Important? Some prospects, customers or subscribers tend to lose interest over time. They no longer wait for your latest products, services or offers. However these cold prospects are also valuable assets that could be turned into sales and loyal customers at a later date. It does not have to do with […]

How Marketing Automation Can Save You Time

What is Marketing Automation? Ever get tired of doing things manually? Managing your business can be a handful, handling everything on your own can take time. That’s what Marketing Automation is for; time is precious when handling a business. Marketing Automation is the use of a software to help with marketing processes such as customer […]