Why TIEIT is the “perfect solution and a hidden gem” for STEM MINDS: the right balance of what businesses need to succeed.

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Meet STEM Minds

From working in the corporate world, Anu Bidani understood the power of spreadsheets to create complex financial models. 

But Anu also recognized that spreadsheets weren’t the optimal tool to underpin her business, STEM MINDS, a mission-driven social enterprise that teaches technology in class and virtually to students and educators.

The Challenge

It is a huge challenge for many small businesses because hundreds of CRM platforms meet the needs of different types of companies. It’s like going to a buffet when you’re hungry and overwhelmed with choices.

Anu knew she needed a CRM to help STEM MINDS boost its marketing and operate more efficiently. However, she wanted a platform that wasn’t too complex or expensive, particularly given that STEM MINDS didn’t have a marketing team.

Anu’s first step was to do what many entrepreneurs do: she spent hours on Google and signed up for many demos. However, no product resonated as the ideal option until she met TIEIT co-founder Jessica Rawlley at a networking event.

Most products can’t do it with the simplicity of TIEIT. It is a hidden gem.

Anu bidani

When Jessica did a demo, Anu quickly realized that TIEIT met her budget and, as importantly, had the simplicity that her teaching staff needed to embrace the platform.

“TIEIT is the perfect solution,” she said. “It’s the right balance of what businesses need; it’s not complex, and the service is great. Most products don’t have the simplicity of TIEIT. It’s a hidden gem.”

The Power of Automation

For Anu, the most compelling part of TIEIT is the automation that drives operational efficiencies and reduces the amount of manual work. Automation has been a game-changer, Anu says, by automating end-to-end processes. “If something takes 10, 20 or 30 minutes and it is done repeatedly, you need to explore how TIEIT can help.”

She estimates that using TIEIT has saved her from hiring two full-time employees. It’s about the number of people needed and the reduction in errors,” she said. “The consistency in the execution of a process makes it great. As a small business, I can be very efficient with TIEIT.”

STEM MIND’s deployment of TIEIT started by automating course registrations via the Website. Each registration is seamlessly and instantly connected to TIEIT’s CRM.

With TIEIT, I didn’t have to hire two full-time employees because all processes are automated.

Anu Bidani

Each registration is segmented into groups linked to email lists and campaigns. The automation eliminates the manual work of inputting registrant’s names into a database and then sending personalized drip email campaigns.

Another automation “win” for STEM MINDS is TIEIT-powered forms that have replaced the need for landing pages. When it wants to sell courses, Stem Minds creates a form. The form connects to the CRM, and Stem Minds uses logic to route the form to the right team member.

TIEIT is the perfect solution. It’s the right balance of what businesses need. It isn’t complex, and the service is great. 

With TIEIT, I didn’t have to hire two full-time employees because all processes are automated. Aside from having fewer people, the benefits include a reduction in errors. The consistent execution of processes makes TIEIT great.

If you want to streamline operational capabilities, it’s worth looking at TIEIT because it can reduce manual processes. If something takes 10, 20 or 30 minutes and is done repeatedly, you should explore how TIEIT can help.

Most products can’t do it with the simplicity of TIEIT. It is a hidden gem when people see what it can do.

Anu Bidani
CEO of STEM Minds

But wait, there’s more automation goodness.

STEM MINDS also automated the process of collecting orders for workshops that happen on its Website and Eventbrite. Each order is automatically assigned to a group with a dedicated email list, and it becomes part of a drip email marketing campaign to market a workshop before and after it happens.

“The cycle is fully automated with no manual intervention. It operates like a machine with no downtime,” Anu says. According to Anu, TIEIT is a no-brainer for startups and small businesses that need to streamline their operations with a platform that offers CRM, email marketing, billing, Web forms, and dashboards.

“Within TIEIT, I count six to eight products that companies can use, and it’s all-in-one with TIEIT.”

If something takes 10, 20 or 30 minutes and it is done repeatedly, TIEIT’s automation can save your time and effort.

Anu Bidani