5 Ways TIEIT Helps Your Business Use Email Marketing More Efficiently

It is an undeniable fact that email marketing is a great marketing strategy for any business, in any industry. Email marketing has a fantastic ROI and is a great way to re-engage and build a relationship with contacts and leads.

There are a lot of CRMs that claim they have an integrated email marketing module but when conducting your research, make sure you double check if this is a true integration with their own email marketing platform or if this is just a 3rd party integration with another system. The problem with 3rd party integrations is that it is not always a seamless integration so data is not always being consolidated for each contact. Without knowing how your contacts are interacting with your emails, you are just blindly sending emails every month with no true results to see the value of the time and effort you are putting in.

TieiT was built off of client feedback and one of the main feedback we received during the development phase is that we need to make it easy to use and it should be intuitive. In order to achieve these goals, we knew we had to make a truly integrated platform where all modules are built in the system and not utilizing 3rd party systems or APIs.  That is why TieiT’s modules are all proprietary (except of course for our integration with Google Analytics). By utilizing our technical expertise to create our own sales and marketing automation modules, we are able to listen to our users and move at a quicker rate to continually improve and add more features based on our client feedback.

This article outlines the top 5 ways how TieiT makes it easier for businesses to utilize email marketing and how we have made it more efficient to see better results, streamline your email marketing efforts and most importantly, save you time!

1. True Integration with the CRM

TieiT’s proprietary email marketing module is built-in and directly connected to your CRM. This means that you don’t have to keep exporting your contacts from your CRM and importing them into your stand-alone email marketing module.

The time savings alone of not having to export and import contacts in and out of different stand-alone systems is worth it.

Prior to signing up for TieiT, many of our current users used to sign up for a stand-alone CRM and a separate email marketing application, mainly because of the cost they thought they were saving. But if you are trying to operate a small to mid-sized business with minimal staff, you know your time is worth a lot. Spending time each month to transfer your contacts from one system to another adds up.

With TieiT, we’ve made it easier for you to add contacts directly to Subscriber Lists both manually and using the built-in marketing automation modules so contacts can automatically get added or removed from Subscriber Lists based on specific actions or behavior.

2. Ability to Send to Multiple Lists at Once

Our TieiT development team is always seeking user feedback to make TieiT even better for our users. We heard our users feedback when they requested that they wanted the ability to send an email campaign to more than one subscriber list at a time, so we added the feature in!

TieiT’s built-in email marketing module allows our users to send an email campaign to more than one subscriber list at a time, instead of having to send separately to each subscriber list – again, saving our users time!

Allowing users to send to more than one subscriber list at once helps our users be more efficient with their email campaigns and email marketing. Lets say you wrote an amazing email and want to share it with everyone on your list or two segmented target markets that you think it might appeal to. Well now you can do that and track the results with our built-in email marketing reports.

3. Email Marketing Reports

For every email campaign that is sent out of TieiT, you will receive a report that tracks how many people opened it, how many clicked on a link, where and when the recipient opened the email and the bounce rate of those who did not receive the email.

This tracking will allow you to improve your results. By reviewing these reports after each campaign is sent, you can start to gain an understanding of what is working and what isn’t when it comes to your contacts and how they are interacting with your emails.

Email Reporting in TieiT

If you see a lower number of people opened the email, that could mean your subject line was not enticing enough. If you see that not many people clicked on the button that was in your email, that could mean that either your call-to-action was not good or your offering should be improved.

You can see which subscribers are engaging with your campaigns, what type of content they like, the time of day that you receive the most opens and use this data to improve future campaigns and drive even better results for your business.

4. Easy Tracking

All email campaigns that you send out will also be shown in each respective contact’s timeline for better tracking of the contacts behavior.

Since the email marketing and CRM are connected in TieiT, you will be able to leverage this consolidated data to take actionable steps with your contacts.

Email Tracking in TieiT

Let’s say its time to follow up with a contact and you are looking back at the contact’s timeline to review the history you have had with him/her. You will be able to see how engaged the contact has been with the email campaigns that you have sent out. So if you see that the contact has opened or clicked on a particular email, you can now leverage this data and use it in your follow-up.

5. Mobile Compatible Email Templates

We know that time is precious so to help our users, we provide you with multiple email templates that you can easily edit. All of our email templates are built in HTML and are mobile compatible to ensure the emails are viewable on all mobile devices. This way you don’t have to worry about creating mobile compatible emails since we provide our users with responsive templates that they are able to edit, customize and brand for their business.

Mobile Compatible Email Templates in TieiT

When developing TieiT, we knew that we wanted to create our own proprietary email marketing module to give us more flexibility and control over the features that we wanted to add. And this decision has proven to be the right one, because our users are reaping the benefits of our built-in email marketing module in TieiT since it truly is an integrated module and not a 3rd party system that is using an API to connect to your CRM.

TieiT’s email marketing module is also assisting our users by taking the tedious tasks off their plates like automatically tracking unsubscribes, removing them from subscriber lists and eliminating duplicate entries.

With TieiT’s email marketing module being a true integration with our CRM, we are able to give our users more actionable data to drive in better results for their business.

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