3 Ways to Re-Engage With Cold Prospects

Why are Cold Prospects Important?

Some prospects, customers or subscribers tend to lose interest over time. They no longer wait for your latest products, services or offers. However these cold prospects are also valuable assets that could be turned into sales and loyal customers at a later date.

It does not have to do with what kind of services you provide or what kind of business you carry out, some clients are bound to fall off the wagon but that doesn’t mean that you give in and let them go. Here are 3 ways to turn the tables around in your favor to keep your business top of mind with cold prospects who could be in need of your services down the road.

In the world of email marketing these cold prospects mean subscribers who haven’t engaged, clicked or opened your campaign emails in a long time such as two months.

Our Top Three Strategies to Re-Engage Cold Prospects:

1. Group Your Subscribers and Email Accordingly

By using a marketing automation software to identify prospects who don’t open your emails, you can send these people content that is based on their behavior and actions.

  • Target shopping cart abandoners to bring them back

These are people who abandon their shopping carts instead of going through with the transaction. They’ve browsed all your products, decided on what they want to buy but leave the cart in the middle.

What you can do to bring them back immediately is to send them an email letting them know that their transaction was not completed. Then after a couple of days you can email them testimonials and assurances of happy customers. If this does not succeed then it is advisable that you reach out to them with incentives. Find out why they left. You can then offer them free shipping, first time discounts and other latest offers and discounts.

The goal here is to catch the customer in their mindset and urge them to complete the purchase. Not only this, with customized emails you will be able to reconnect with them.

  • Product Page Browsers

These are those types of customers that have decided on the product that they want and have browsed your page for details and information but are still not ready to make the purchase. These people are interested but not convinced yet.

What you can do for them is to offer them coupons or offers, send them testimonials, reviews or a company profile so they feel more comfortable making a transaction with your company. Warm them up and win their trust. It’s one of the best ways to turn them into solid customers.

  • Lost Email Subscribers Who Never Seem To Get Your Mail

It is feared a large number of marketing campaigns are never even opened in the first place. This can be because your customers are moving away or are losing interest. Whatever the reason may be, this could be potential sales that you are losing out on.

You can bombard them with digital advertisements so you get them thinking about your brand and they know that you are still in the market. If you always send your email at a set time of day, you should change the timing. Experiment and see what time works best and gets the highest response rates. You can also change the frequency. It is never a good idea to annoy or overwhelm your customers with a storm of emails. You can also resort to a win-back email. Make sure that it provides an attractive incentive to your customers, it is well worded and it truly shows how much you miss them. If done right, winning back those lost customers should be easy!

2. Look for connections

Another way of reaching out to cold prospects is through mutual acquaintances that you may have in common. LinkedIn is a great platform to utilize to determine if there are any people in common. Finding referrals or mutual acquaintances is a great way to open up the lines of communication again.

People tend to be more trustworthy when they know you run in the same circles or speak to the same individuals. The benefit of this is that they are more likely to listen to you, open your emails and even reply.

3. Reach out to your customers in different ways

Another technique could be to vary where your company and brand is present online to your customers. Change the place your customers are used to watching and ignoring online marketing ads, such as Google. Instead, you can actually utilize social media ads which will grab people’s attention while they are browsing. These social media platforms where you can utilize ads include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. It should be kept in mind that all these social media platforms vary in their price that you have to pay to place an ad. But regardless, these tend to be very effective. What’s best is that these mediums are also already established and have a huge consumer base that you can reach out to.

By far, we have seen that email marketing has the highest conversion rates in relation to customer engagement and re-engagement. Nowadays with marketing automation technology, and built-in email marketing modules, it makes it easier to create email campaigns and automate timely follow-ups based on triggers.

In this fast moving age of technology and changing tastes in trends, it is understandable that leads, prospects or once been customers turn cold. This is no reason to worry or let them go because with just a little effort and some of the latest online marketing techniques, you can easily warm them in no time.

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